Top 10 Retired Porn Stars

Discover the exciting list of performers who left films of all categories porn and dedicated themselves to other things.

Marilyn Chambers

One of the first popular porn actresses became famous thanks to the movie “Behind the Green Door” in 1972 and soon left the business. Then she tried to become a legitimate actress, starring at Cronenberg, but nothing happened. She attracted attention in 2004 when he ran for US Vice-Presidents and won 946 votes.

Amazing Facts From The Lives of Porn Actors

Adult content performers also have their personal lives, and some facts of these lives may seem truly amazing to the viewers who know these people only as sex machines in their favorite movies.

One of the most amazing facts about the majority of models is that they are married and their spouses do not mind against such a job. Although it is from hard to impossible for the majority of people to imagine how one can make porn and simultaneously have a happy family. this is a reality for many. Some actors make a pretty long career in the industry, and they just want a family and normal relationships, like all the rest. So, if they manage to find an adequate partner who does not mind against their job, they just marry and even have kids.

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