How To Become A Porn Actor: A Few Tips

The majority of adult performers earn some really decent money, and a lot of people, especially those who are in love with porn, start thinking whether they could also make that much money by filming some adult content.

Despite the popular opinion that common people cannot go and start making sex videos, the real answer is yes they can. Now we live in the time of the Internet, and it is possible to contact anybody who is in the industry, make videos on our own, or register on a corresponding platform.

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Such a question has been actually written on the Quora website, and in the number of answers, you can find a recommendation from one of the official representatives of a big porn studio. The representative states that it is totally possible to become famous and collaborate with the giants of the adult industry, become famous and earn millions. Here are the ways one should follow in order to make a porn star career.

The first option is contacting the corresponding modeling agencies that work specifically with the porn industry. They are looking not for conventional models who then do photo shoots, fashion, and stuff, but for models to make adult shots and movies. If you are young and aspiring enough, they can sign an agreement with you and eventually promote you in this sphere of business.

Another option is to actually start working as a webcam model. This requires registration on the relevant platforms, but make sure you choose a respectable and reliable one, that will keep all your personal data safe and secure. Many webcam girls and boys (but mostly girls, of course) make a successful porn career later, as they get popular and noticed on these platforms.

Men should, in fact, start their career from going in for sports, because chubby and skinny performers are a rarity and are not in demand. Firstly, this is so because of the aesthetic reasons, and secondly, a man will not be able to endure long hours of shooting a movie and performing a sexual act is not physically strong and trained. After the man gets decent physique, it is possible for him to start searching further for ways to get into the industry.

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Some people start doing their own porn and show it on the relevant websites where users can share sex videos. This allows them to gain some important skills, see how they can improve their work on camera, etc. Other users often give their feedback or ask to shoot another video with a certain plot. After such activity, the person will be more confident in themselves as a performer and will have some kind of portfolio to show.

These are the ways to get into the porn industry as an adult performer. Please remember that this job is actually connected to different risks and peculiarities, like a busy schedule, frequent traveling, lack of free time, physical exhaustion, etc.

The Casting of Porn Actors: How it Works

How to become a porn star? Here are some true stories from American insiders.

  • How to get in? Sign up for an interview. No kidding, they are constantly looking for new guys whose penis size is noticeably more than average. But the main thing is not size, but skill. It is necessary that he is ready quickly with minimal stimulation or without it at all. A male performer must be able to cum when the director says. One needs to do things that for a normal man can seem to be disgusting. For example, rubbing eggs on the eggs of another man during double penetration is a common thing. On an interview, it is necessary to bring a professional portfolio, high-quality studio photos, maybe porn, if you have, even photo photo
  • During the casting, a man will be invited to a room where another man will explain all the details. He will tell to show a penis. Then he will say that you have 30 seconds to have an erection. At the same time in the room, there may be an actress. If she is, she can help you. Maybe yes, maybe not. If lucky, it may be allowed to touch her breast. She must also like it and seduce you to some degree – to show her talent. After 30 seconds the cock has to stand as a bayonet. Then you will be offered to masturbate for 10-15 minutes. At some point you will be ordered to finish – you have no more than a minute for cumming. Then 15 minutes break and everything starts once again If you cannot control your orgasm – go home. If everything can be performed several times, there is a chance to get a job.
  • Keep in mind that the first contract usually involves shooting a few scenes that may not even get anywhere, either in a movie or on the Internet. The initial money is not big, f. e. BangBros gives beginners $ 35,000 a year. But it’s really difficult to work. During the shooting, you always have to do what directors expect from photo photo
  • Stylists constantly correct makeup to you and your partners change the light, shout. Sex can envisage very uncomfortable positions. The camera is constantly at least 12 people, who are watching you all the time. And when the team is coming, it is necessary to come really fast, otherwise, the whole scene will be spoiled. 

In addition, before attending the casting you need to make a sober assessment of yourself. Not only your appearance: actors have to be really athletic to move with the partners during sex. In the studio performers are not all thin girls/boys, there are also pretty aunts/dads.