Capt. Tacitus T. Clay


Acting Commander of the Fifth Texas Infantry Regiment

May 1864 to January 1865

Originally from Co. I Texas Aids organized at Independence, Washington County. Promoted captain October 23, 1861. He was granted 60 day sick leave on January 15, 1862. Captain Clay was wounded at Gains’ Mill June 27, 1862. He was detailed to recruiting duty to Texas in the spring of 1863. He served as acting Lieut. Col. Of the Fifth Texas at various times during 1863 and 1864. At the wilderness he was wounded in the hand May 6, 1863. Captain T.T. Clay assumed command of the Fifth Texas when Lieut. Colonel King Byran King was also wounded at the Wilderness. Captain Clay was wounded a third time at Darbytown Road and had his leg amputated, He resigned January 9, 1865.